Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Letter


Good Evening,
I had heard alot of voices coming from SCHOOL STUDENT ,MY WORKING PLACES ,MY FRIENDS all are talking about the graffiti on the "TAK NAK" Sign board ,graffiti on the school's van and the graffiti on the Taman Sri Rambai 's market that spraying rude words ,assulting on you and Penolong Kanan KO-K and the SUSPECTED PERSON was ME.I get mad after I being told the news from my friends after they attempted the Emergency Assembly ,they said that the person that being told to fellow students was sounds like me. NONO, it’s talking about ME (GUARANTEED 100%) on past Thursday’s Emergency Assembly.

Well, it's unblockable because what i know is i had already set as school's black listed person and being blocked to get into school area. 2nd, I live nearby school. 3rd I have some misunderstood with some teachers on the past. I was shocked when recieved sms and calls from friend asking but what is happening on the early morning.

Anyway what I want to say is : I AM INNOCENT and I do hope if there is any misunderstanding on you or against other teachers , I hope I can state it clear on this coming Monday. No, I want to state it clear .I don't want you , Jit Sin High School and my name being "smelly".

There are a lot of troubles started coming out:

1st I am Jit Sin Chess Team's coach and i being blocked (I tried cycling into school on the chess meeting time but being block by school 's guard) and unable to coach chess lesson on the past Friday ( Chess Team's Meeting Time).

2nd, I and my friends already decided to open a shop (Computer Shop) inside Taman Sri Rambai and our targets are all the school students and now my name being "smelly" ,excuse me , How Am I Going To Survive ?

3rd,I am totally upset, my friends ,my business partner ,my boss and especially my girl friend all starting lose their trust on me. I know that school had made a report to the police. Yup, I am dare to stand out ,nothing to be scare as the 1 who done all the stupid stuff was REALLY NOT ME !!! So I hope on this coming Monday I can go to your office and state all of it clear . I speak for my freedom and justice. I AM INNOCENT.

Here is a question I would like to ask :
Is there any proof that can proof that all the stupid stuff was done by me ?
I don’t belive that the proof is real and it’s impossible if affected me ! So I don’t know why school suddenly made the EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY and talking about my past story ( TALKING IN NOT CLEAR MODE *the speecher was unclear about the past*I don’t know who is the speecher,just being told by several friends).

I would like school make an announcement state that i am clear if the result out is not me.
*The wanted person was me and some affected teachers and not my parent. They still don’t know what is happening and I don’t want this case made my parent worry on me as I am innocent. Thank you for support. Kindly email me to : or phone to me @ 012-xxx xxxx if you would like to ask about anything about the case .Hope you can replying this mail as soon as possible.TQ
Nothing can be explained well through this mail.

Thomas Xxxx
我 感到万分的哀悼于上星期说发生的事情毕竟所引响到的人物包括 你,副校长 以及 我 的名誉。此事是一百巴仙与我无关 ! ,但是因上个星期的紧急集会是完完全全所讲着的人物是我, 无可否认的,所讲着的人物的确是我! 谨此 我希望您能够让我在 星期一早上 进入办公室 。希望有任何的误会,冲突 与 纠纷 能够 在当面一一决绝 。

在此,诺此时已查出 水落石出 而他人非是我所干 我希望校方还我一个清白 !



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