Friday, August 19, 2005




到底钱的定义何在?在“ 央视论坛”的“网评天下论坛”中写道:



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hey all of you.... nice to see you guys here..well i am ex jitsin student too.

After seeing some of u being so interested in the corruption issue here , i would like to share my view here.

what i am feeling is that we SHOULDNT BLAME ONLY POLICE OFFICERs in malaysia. for me , members of POLICE DIRAJA are only the scape goats. try to think deeper , IF government servent like police dare to bribe and get bribed , then HOW ABOUT THOSE MINISTERS? Sure some of them , but not all are involving in various cases of corruption.SHAME ON THESE WHAT-SO-CALLED "kepimpinan melalui teladan". this is merely a useless slogan as the government itself FAILED to handle corruption among those ministers and people on the administration level.

what i can conclude here is that, the bribing activities most of u might have seen before were just some small matters. perhaps hundreds of dollars , the most the police officers may get bribed with. On the other hand, a minister can "earn" more than millions ringgit for "selling projects" or launching some government proposals.

until today, unfortunately, some of the serious issues are left aside, for example the recent AP issue and the AID DELIVERY FOR CHINESE sCHOOL issue.

so,please realize that policemen are not the only people we should point our fingers at., instead , those people that lied to our country should take responsible for the corruption problem in this society.

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