Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fan of ~ 黄氏之子????



我跑到一个地方去。当然,我是用走的。在那个地方,我双手递送三十元马币于一位电脑老师。当然,他的脑是‘人’的。他就‘送’我一张 *HOTSPOT* 卡与二元马币。我上网咯!


From : someone
Sent : Saturday, January 7, 2006 4:36 AM
To : me
Subject : HI < OOI THE DIRECTOR! dear Ooi, well , i just wanna say hi to you. I am someone , now 17 , still waiting for the release of SPM result. Well , at first when i saw your blog, i felt so proud of our jit sin's people for being able to do such a great job. i was impressed. Actually , i have heard some of your senior(my school mate) talking about a short film , a product of jit sin student. I was being told that the director of this short film was my friend , which is ur junior.So, i guess my friend got inspired by your wonderful creation. However, i still havent watched ur short film.

the last thing i visited in your blog was your photo gallery. I was shocked. I think i had seen you before in Jit sin , and it was unbelievable. I was shocked not because of how you look like , but felt that its quite impossible for people like you (coz before this i thought that you were bad student) could have done such a impressive work. After visiting your blog , i have totally changed my perception on you, and i realized that i shouldnt judge you trough your appearance.

ummm..... i think it would be nice if we could chat a bit about your film and also some of the jit sin's issues. p/s: u are so talented! :)


*Words in red and italic have been altered*

*TMNET product(in Malaysia)*

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Monkey said...

so fun to have a fans right?
most keat is u liao~~~
i also want to see ur film leh
fast fast send mai

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