Thursday, September 04, 2008

Golden Achievement Awards Presentation Ceremony 2008

It was our Awards Ceremony, and so I was present, with joy and hopes to get an award or two.

According to the programme list, Broadcasting Awards were presented on 11:55a.m., we were I was so excited waiting for the arrival of that moment. And, Love Story will be shown at 1p.m., we were I was so excited waiting for that too!


It might be a bad day for me. We lost all of the Broadcasting Awards, I was indeed so much disappointed as I had expected to get one or two. Our productions were TV Infomercials, while Junior Batch were TV Magazines. I should have expected to loose. Anyway, theirs are much better than ours.

Coming up next was Love Story Premier. I wondered if everyone got the message of it or not. I heard only some screams and applause while the short was showing. Though people told me that they did not actually understand it.


To get my short shown to everyone was always my DREAM since I produced Unseen Sadness. And I successfully shown Love Story to everyone people attending the ceremony; and my parents were there watching too! Somehow I felt happy for that though my feeling has been 50-percent-ly affected by the LOST.

The shows: the sketch, dance, and song performance, were somewhat perfect this year... comparing to the past two year.

The 'thing' ended, and all of us Broadcasting-majored 'seniors' seemed stupidly upset; at least I was.

Following the LOST of everything, we went to Gurney Redbox for a shout...

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