Thursday, November 03, 2011

Malaysian English

The purpose of commercial is to advertise or promote or let people know about certain product or service. A strong commercial will attract people to adapt or buy their product or service.

In this MaLeiSia, everywhere and anytime you can see commercials. Commercials that appear on TV, means they are from BIG companies. Commercials from sign post, tree, wall, lamp post, fire host, or even rubbish bin, and so on so forth, are those from small (also some big) companies.

Because this MaLeiSia don't have this department that care for environment one, or maybe got lah but since the environment here so dirty so I just assume it don't have, so people can just stick and stick their commercials everywhere they like.

And then, and then, one day I saw this stupid vacancy notice from stupid-but-kinda-big company got “stick-ed” on this old and filthy public phone. After reading the whole message, I silently laughed.

I cannot laugh to loud lah because hoh if I laugh too loud, people will stare at me and think I'm crazy leh!

This stupid-but-big company has become monopoly in this country already. No matter how bad the service was and still is, people have no choice to change for the alternative.

I wondered which audience group they targeted at. Since the notice was “stick-ed” on the public phone behind a bus-stop.

“Doo, doo... Doo, doo” (phone calling)

“Eh Loh, this is stupid-but-big company, may I help you?”

“Oh yes, I'm looking for a JOD. Do you have JOD offer right now?”

“Yes, the JOD is still ‘away-label’,you can come to ‘inter-you’ tomorrow”

“OK, then I come tomorrow for JOD ‘inter-you’ lah!”


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