Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Astro Kirana Short Film Awards 2007

Two of my short films: "Unseen Sadness" and "Believer" have been taken part in Astro Kirana Short Film Awards. Two of the videos have been re-cut to suit the competition. It had been tiring me for some nights.

Today, a friend of mine has been requested to drive me to the post office to send the Entries via "Pos Express" as the deadline is tomorrow. It was my first time using this mail service; I was a stranger to this service. I wonder if it really takes up one day to have my parcel reached the place. If it's not, then the entries are disqualified for sure.

I did not think of winning any awards in this competition as I clearly know that the films are having no qualification to have any prizes won. However, taking part in this competition was just a try-out for me.

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kpchia said...

thanks for participate in our competition. Please watch out for the top 10 finalists announcement and RSVP yourself to the grand Award Night in Dec!

Kok Peng
Marketing Manager, Astro Kirana

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