Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Halloween Night

I am a male. The two friends of mine are as well male. I mean we will not be scared by the darkness of the night. And so, we went for a movie in Gurney Plaza; hoping to watch a horror movie.

In fact, our first plan was just watching "30 Days of Night" in Prangin Mall. But thinking that there might be a Halloween event in Gurney Plaza, and so we change the place. And guess what, there was nothing...

"30 Days of Night" was our first choice, but the time was not right to us. So, we end up choosing "Apartment 1303".

We bought some foods and drinks inside, disappointedly watching this Japanese horror-but-ordinary movie, and were surrounded by some nonsense-cum-foolish people.

The movie, to be honest, was having no horrific elements. And, it uses "fade" to make a ghost disappear. And the nonsense-cum-foolish people surrounded us with stupid screaming; their scream were preplanned. I hate people controlling my feeling when watching films by screaming or guessing and saying out what will happen next in a somewhat heard-able volume.

In fact, I didn't know that tonight was Halloween. But thanks to Google, it reminds me with its logo, and YouTube as well.

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