Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wan Ling Academy Fashion Show

Just came back from G Hotel, again.

When I reached the office, it's been tomorrow already. We had a shoot on yesterday night Wan Ling Academy Fashion Show.

The first time being in the fashion show not as a guest but a videographer. Sigh.

The first time having so many well-dressed girls appear in front of my very eyes. Wow.

The second time, though, being in G Hotel.

I have always liked G Hotel since I first heard its name, yea it's because of its name-G Hotel. Google's using 'G' as their corporate logo, so I like G Hotel as well. I guess that's the reason.

The first time I went to G Hotel was to work. We had a corporate video to shoot there.

In the hotel room, they use the colour of orange-and that's the colour I like as well.

Then, we went into their jazz pub. Wow... that was awesome!! I like the atmosphere there, so much unbelievably relax~

They provided us some bottles of water, with their logo on it. Mine's marked with an 'X', for easy recognition.

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