Friday, April 02, 2010

A Complaint

While I worked in Penang 2 years back, I felt like running away from the company. As I felt they didn't treat me fairly. (By the way, that was what I felt back then)

And there was one day I felt so much angry and wrote a complaint letter in email. However I didn't send it but kept it as a draft. Perhaps I didn't have the guts...

Since I edit the video of Wan Ling to 3 minutes promo video, I start realising the difficulty while wasting worthless time on searching for clips and media files. All of them are hardly properly named. Some files are missing, I looked for the tape archive and intended to re-captured. But damn it, the tape archive thingy is just as sh*t as the editing of Wan Ling Video. I wonder why a degree holder can do such a reckless thing while still having good benefits from the company.

Tapes aren't named in fcp, when archiving the project, everything has to be kept or else worthless time need to be wasted again. Clips are not named properly, editor need to stupid-ly clicking every clip to check out. Tape archive are recklessly done with full of praise, but deep down it's just the same as not having the tape archive.

For every so-called wrong I had done, I would have been scolded like a dead man, requested to have immediate changes. And so I realise the REAL different of a degree holder and a diploma holder.

Ooi with unsatisfaction!

Now, I decided to delete this unsent complaint from my mailboox.

By the way, here are the videos of Wan Ling Academy that I edited:


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