Friday, August 06, 2010

My Coming Soon Ipod Touch

Few years ago, I have been keeping my eye on - a good site that tells me all about Apple products.

I am waiting for the 4th Generation Ipod Touch. The news from the site says it's coming on this September.

... Apple reportedly has three new models of iPods ready for release, with the company presumed to be introducing them at an early September media event as it has for the last several years. The new models include a new iPod touch and iPod nano, while the third model could be a new iPod shuffle, possibly including the diminutive Apple-branded touch screen that appeared in a leak last month...

Damn! I just can't wait to have it bought!

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Anonymous said...

Ipod touch! I want it! It's the next phone that i'll have! MUAHAHHAHAHA!

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