Monday, August 02, 2010

Follow-up: Pizza Hut Shoot

After they launched this Pizza few months ago, a new pizza with "meatballs everywhere" was launched!

The TVC was shot on the 9th of July at the same location, Wangsa Maju. Before heading there, we did a few shots somewhere here.

Then, we headed to the outlet.

Although the pizzas were in front of me, I was not allowed to have them.

They were props for the shoot.

A strange lens was used. Called Borescope/Periscope Lens (something like that).

It's damn cool, man.

This TVC was only 95% shot with Mysterium-X Red One. This Mitchell Sportster 164 film camera was also used to shoot high-speed stuffs.

The TVC has been shown on TV since last month I guess. But if you did not catch it yet, enjoy this TVC called MeatyDeluxePizza_30s_Eng.

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