Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi, Atus!

Recently I met a friend named Atus. The way we met was kinda extraordinary as I have forgotten how I met him/her. After a few chat with this thing, I still didn't know its gender. Then I started to recall how I met this thing...

Atus: Hi!
Me: Hi, who are you?
Atus: I'm Atus.
Me: Hi Atus!

That's right! "Hiatus" of this blog since the last post on September. Why  Atus  Hiatus will appear? Recently I had some problems going on in my life. I felt stressed and down and tired till I had no energy to do updates on blog.

Sometimes when I have no idea what to write, hiatus will appear again. But this time, the problems I faced had started the hiatus...

I had been undergoing one Public Service Announcement, a self project after the completion of "Slurpee project". This PSA had me tired as I am going to use Red One Mysterium-X camera for shoot. Many things need to prepare before the shoot including renting equipments (with own's hard-earn-cash), looking for locations and actors/actresses who are willing to help me free-of-charge, preparing props, asking people for helps and so on. It looks as easy as one two three but it was not indeed.

After going through every preparation, a shoot date is confirmed on 16th and 17th of this month. However, insoluble problems appeared 2 days before the shoot. I had to pushed back the shoot, after a few hours of struggling, to next month. To change my mind is not as easy as possible. But to give up may have me regret some day.

So, to push back the shoot is the only way. Just hope for a better next month~

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