Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heading to Kuala Terengganu - Part 8

Day 5, there were many locations to shoot. First location was this place.

Second location, we moved to a small wooden coffee shop. This place had some domestic ducks, quacking and disturbed the shoot.

Then, we moved out the the sea... erm, or lake, big lake. I don't know how it called but it was actually sea water which didn't have wave.

We reached on an isle which would disappeared when high tide. The sand was superb soft. If you step hardly to it, your feet would fall inside the sand.

After we spent our time and energy to move everything to the isle above, the director didn't like the view. So, he with his DP went out for recce.

So he found the spot he wanted. And we needed to spent again time and energy to transfer all the equipments to this spot.

We place a shot at the sea/lake. Time flied and we could actually feel the water level was rising.

Before the tide went high, we wrap the shoot.

Stay tuned for Part 9!

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