Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KFC Celebration Combo Meal A

** please note that this post is not meant to advertise for KFC **

FCK... er no, I mean KFC...

KFC is celebrating its 500th restaurant and launches the "Celebration Combo Meal". And so last Sunday I went for a try...

What's in the combo meal A?

  • 2 pieces of chicken
  • 1 regular cheezy wedges
  • 1 regular coleslaw (changable to whipped potato)
  • 1 regular carbonated drink
  • And 1 limited edition celebration mug with 24k gold inscription!

What's in the box?

The celebration mug is packed in a box.

...wrapped with KFC's not-environmental-friendly plastic bag...

...a non-decorative card-made box...

...the mug is wrapped with bubble wrap...

...the so-called 24k gold inscription is this big...

...not really comfortable to hold the mug as the handle is not as regular as the regular mugs...

Worth the try?

The meal costs RM 15.20 including the 6% tax. KFC Snack Plate costs RM 10.70 including tax. So, the mug costs around ±RM 5.00 assuming that one cheezy wedges (of celebration combo meal A) is the same prize as one bun and one whipped potato (of snack plate).

To me, I just wanted to get this mug as Me is kinda loyal supporter for KFC...

What about combo meal B?

If you don't really like this Celebration Combo Meal A, there is a combo B which contain 1 zinger burger, regular cheezy wedges, regular carbonated drink, and a celebration mug. Cost RM 13.45 excluding tax.

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