Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since I created my Wishlist, I develop a plan.

Every plan comes with a cost... But since I'm "slightly" richer than before, I tend to own some stuffs I have longed to get.

Firstly, I want a DSLR. For about 2-weeks time reading reviews and listening to hear-says, I have decided to get a Nikon D90 with kit lens.

Then, if I'm still rich after getting the DSLR, I would want to get a 32Gb iPod Touch. It'd been my second choice before I got myself a PSP last year.

And, I will get myself a Super Computer in Windows system. Why Windows? Because it's user-friendly and many programs are compatible with it. Though I'd still prefer to have a Mac to do editing (Final Cut Studio is awesome man!).

Now, if those three Superb-Expensive-Goods were purchased, I would be totally poor like a beggar.

However, there's still one "thing" I'd like to own. That is, a rabbit! I loooooovvveee rabbits thousands much but how come, till now, I still own no rabbits?? Because the one you can't get is the one most precious... But I'll get one when the time's right!

Total all up, it might cost me about RM12K to RM14K, equals to 6-month pay.

So... I'm indeed a poor guy...

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