Thursday, July 01, 2010

Being a Camera Assistant

Ever since I moved to KL, or more precisely Petaling Jaya, my second time of being a camera assistant was with Landmark's Samsung TVC Shoot. However, the job is FOC.

Then, when is my first time? My first time as a camera assistant was my first time being in Singapore. That was from the 9th to 13th of January this year, a feature film shoot. 5 hours riding Aeroline bus "sponsored" by the production company (...ha ha...), and that was also my first time riding this "well-known" bus.

Being in Singapore alone, I was a stranger to everything. Being scared and lonely, I felt so helpless. However, I felt good being in this country. I speak in my language, Mandarin, when asking for help. And many people here can speak Teo Chew.

As well, the MRT system there is super fast (faster than Malaysia's)! And it's superb convenient! Everything seemed so perfect here in Singapore~! And my first trip here had me loved this country so much. I even planned to migrate there~ But it seems so impossible, unless I find a job there.

This is the Aeroline bus ticket "sponsored" by the production company.

When the bus arrived, I felt so excited to sit inside.

The seat for 2 persons.

Meal and drinks are provided!

Toilet is also provided, but for 'light-use' only.

This job was sealed as a secret. But today I write it out in the blog. Hope that my boss does not find this out...

[To be continued...]

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