Friday, September 17, 2010

Celcom Blue TVC Shoot - Day 1

Another shoot for Celcom on the 3th of this month. First location at the rooftop where KLCC is visible. It was not the same rooftop as the last year's Celcom shoot.

A morning shoot at the rooftop, having a big hot sun shine on us all.

On top of everything, the view was so nice!

Can you imagine how hot it was? With this big bright sun?

Before the hot sun had us all burnt dead, and after the director had satisfied with the shots, we moved to the next location.

Mysterium-X Red One camera on dolly.

Surfers as actors with buildings as background.

After some shots were done here. We moved to another location for some interior shots.

Then, we moved to Studio for some CG shots of the surfers.

Around 10pm, the first day shoot wrapped.

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[I Live For This] said...

haha.. it's kindda fun

黄氏之子 said...

quit your job now then, join me with the fun~

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