Friday, September 03, 2010

My Coming Soon Ipod Touch - Part 2

Finally Apple has launched new generation Ipods! Being so MANY MANY excited, I quickly went to their website to take a look.

Seeing that MANY MANY great features though the price is MANY MANY less expensive than its previous generation, I was getting even MANY MANY excited!

Woo ~ Hoo ~

Apart from "Phone Call" and "GPS" features, an Ipod Touch is yet another Iphone! Although the built-in cameras is not for good-quality photographs, I still am going to get one MANY MANY soon!

Notice that I just said "cameras" not "camera". Yes! It has front and rear cameras! How could I not be MANY MANY excited about it?

I would want my Ipod Touch engraved, so I had done a try-out to see if it supports Chinese Words as shown above.

Sadly, it doesn't, for Malaysia's Apple Online Store... So, I had a try on Hong Kong (Chinese) Apple Online Store. And it does support! Plus the price is even cheaper than Malaysia's.

However, it's not possible for me to order from Hong Kong Store. Unless Stephen Chow is my friend, then he can mail it to me when my order arrives.

Ha ha ha ...

Although Apple offers "Free Shipping", it takes around 1 month to get it if I order now. Guess I'd wait for awhile first. Hmm...

But for those who wanna sponsor one for me, I gladly welcome you to do so. Simply write down your prove of order at the Comment Box down there.
(Heh heh...)

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