Monday, March 28, 2011

On A Flight To Jakarta - Day 1

This starting of year 2011, I had a job in Jakarta. Departure from KL on the 6th, and coming back on the 8th. This was my second flight experience but was my first flight flying alone.

With too much of excitement, I could not sleep throughout the night...

I had McD's Big Breakfast as my early breakfast before my driver  company-hired driver sent me to LCCT airport.

2 hours flight, I was sent to a land called Jakarta. And being here, I was one-hour younger.

I was sent down from my company to work for CineRed Jakarta, a kinda like "sister company" with CineRed Malaysia. When I arrived, they had their driver sent me to their office. I... was like a king... Ha ha...

I was here to only work for one day, the second day. This day, I went to the shooting location, Stadion Gelora Bung Karno, to look around and to "feel" their working environment.

This Stadium is huge. Everything about this shoot was carried on this football field. This was a cigarette TVC named "Gudang Garam". I didn't know the story but it seemed was a big budget production.

After that, I went back my hotel/inn/house/whatever it called.

Everything was here. The room was nice. I... really felt like a king...

Coming up Day 2 in Jakarta. Don't miss it by coming back tomorrow or Subscribe my blog.

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