Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sprite 3G Day 3 Shoot

This miniature model gives an overview of one part of Port Dickson. Oh yeah~ we were shooting at Port Dickson! I have forgotten the exact location but this was the second time I was here. The first time was doing a TVC shoot for American Express, that was about a year ago...

Wearing a tag so that everyone knows I was a crew...?

Helicopter shot... Wow, I had no idea how much the rental was but I'm sure it wasn't cheap.

9M-ABU? Eurocopter? I guess it's the name of this helicopter.

The first time I had in contact with this "flying machine".

Fly, fly. The helicopter was so close to us (camera). The wind blew so strong till I couldn't even open my eyes wide.

After the heli shot, we moved to another location nearby.

Boat scene. Since the boat was filled with many crews, I didn't follow them for this shot.

2 Red One Mysterium-X cameras, one on Porta-jib.

Stunt Shot.

Track and Dolly

We shoot from early morning till night. Spend one whole day in Port Dickson.

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I Live For This said...

Is this place called Avillion??
I won a 3days 2 nights stay there...
but i gave to ppl liao

黄氏之子 said...

I guess so... How come you'll win one? What competition was that?

I Live For This said...

my company annual dinner... lucky draw... looks nice tat place

黄氏之子 said...

Haiyoh... You should have invited me then we go there mah...

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