Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On A Flight To Jakarta - Day 2

It was a 3-camera shoot, which I haven't done here in Malaysia. As the TVC agencies in Malaysia are not willing to give more money for better ads?

One camera was brought down from KL.

This was the meal provided. It was in a box. The taste was good. To me it was better than the Malay food here in KL.

One portion of a crowd was shot. And will be "cut an paste" to make a big crowd scene. This is so called movie-making...

This... was a steady-cam setup. Couldn't recognize the brand but this steady-cam looked kinda simple.

Galaxy Crane was used too.

The shoot started at around 6pm and wrapped at the next morning around 8.30am. It was a nice exposure to me, though it was tiring working through the midnight.

Coming up Day 3 in Jakarta. Don't miss it by coming back tomorrow or Subscribe my blog.

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