Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maxis Broadband

Last night, one guy called me up with private number, saying he's from Maxis with purpose of making investigation survey about Maxis Broadband.

Question 1
Are you free to do the survey?

Question 2
When you subscribed to the service, did the salesperson explain in details about the service?
-The explanation is not that clear.

Question 3
Please give mark (1-5)
- I give 3.

Question 4
Did you satisfy with the speed?
-Absolutely not.

Question 5
Why? And please give mark (1-5)
-Always disconnected. I give 2.

Question 6
Will you introduce the service to your friends?

Question 7
Please give mark for this service.
-I give 1.

Then he hang the phone...Ha...

On the 22nd of March, I subscribed to this service by handling them RM100. And this is what I got from them.

A paper-bag with all the stuffs inside.


SIM card.

USB Modem.

Features of the product.

Secured with a special-made sticker.

You can see the word "VOID" after pulling out the sticker.

Things inside the casing.


After using the service, I felt like being cheated by the salesperson. And so I decided to terminate it! It's SUCKS!

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