Monday, January 03, 2011

Maxis iPhone 4

After I have decided to buy an iPhone 4, I went to some Maxis centres for more information. But sadly, they have NO STOCKS!

I wondered how they were trained to serve their customers but I was really disappointed at their service regarding of this iPhone 4.

Time and money were wasted in return of their reply "No Stocks". I have fed up with them. I was asked to go to the Maxis centre in KLCC but there was not certainly having stocks. It was like when I wanted to buy an ice-cream, the ice-cream guy asked me to go to his house which was far away and may not have "stocks". It seemed like the iPhone 4 was a money-can't-buy thing.

Maybe I was destined to own an iPhone in my life. I went to a Maxis centre at Penang Qeensbay Mall, and saw one display unit. And I know I found it!

I have the iPhone bought, with 2290 Malaysia Ringgit...

My iPhone's Home screen.

Again, my first ever in my life Apple product!

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