Thursday, December 30, 2010

Should I own an iPhone 4?

Should I own an iPhone 4? Or an iPod Touch 4th Generation will do?

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I have never thought of getting an iPhone as one of my property. Instead, the 4th generation iPod Touch.

When the new iPod Touch launched, I just couldn't wait any longer to have it bought. However, in the meantime waiting for the stocks to arrive in Malaysia, I went through many reviews and people's opinions. And finally decided to get an iPhone.

But why? The price is higher than I can merely afford.

I have always thought that the new iPod Touch is yet another iPhone without call function and 3G. No, not only that. The quality of these 2 items has big difference as well. The cameras, for instance, on iPod Touch is not as good as those on iPhone.

And, to me, I don't like to put many stuffs in my pocket. So if I buy an iPod Touch, I will have to take the iPod and a phone with me whenever I go out. Kinda inconvenient.

And iPhone 4 is much sexier~ I like the "shape" of iPhone 4. It's like a piece of chocolate (and I like chocolate). Whenever I hold it, I nearly have it eaten.

By the way, it's the first Apple product I ever own. And the first Apple product I used was a Mac Pro. I learnt then Apple's UI and workflow from scratch, as well as the well-known Final Cut Studio.

In short, holding an iPhone 4 is kinda like holding everything in ONE HAND, since the apps are so powerful!

With a long consideration, I decided not to buy an iPod Touch, but an iPhone 4 instead.

What do you think? Leave a comment below :-)

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