Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Astro Kirana Short Film Contest - Results

Grand Prize - Beautifool Life (Calvin Lim Keal Boon)
First runner up - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Second runner up - Hasrat (Martias Mohd Ali)
Best Videography - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Best Perfomance - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Best Story - Hasrat
Best Acting Performance - Shao Lin Goe (Ah Teh)
Best Sound - Akan Miss Hujan(Teddy Chin Leken)
Best Editing - The Contract (Yusmal Ghazali)
Audience Award - The Promise (Sia Yaw Yie)

... And yea, I lost.

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lol! dun gv up!!!

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